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New Meaning Foundation provided tangible capital investment opportunities to discerning businesses and people who want to see a real change in the world.

If you would like to hear more, or would be interested in offering work experience, recruiting our graduates, organising a fundraiser, or for any other general enquiries please use the contact form below.

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Construction at New Meaning Cambridge

New Meaning Cambridge

New Meaning Foundation has a factory workshop at Waterbeach Barracks Building Small PACE – SPACE – Homes for ex-homeless people.

The Foundation also runs Construction Skills and functional Skills training (English, IC, Employability at this centre and across East Anglia for those young adults who prefer a smaller, informal, supporting environment.

Construction at Mojo Construction

Mojo Construction

MoJo Foundation / MoJo Construction Limited is a Gambian Charity and Not-for-profit social enterprise construction company, founded and originally funded by New Meaning Foundation. 

We have a block making shop at Tabokoto, making and selling compressed red clay blocks as an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to the traditionally used grey cement blocks.

We own 4 hectares (10 acres) of building land in Jambur, Western Region of The Gambia.  Here we are preparing to build 3 and 4 bed modern properties for sale training and employing young adult workers – previously unemployed.  

Young people at New Meaning Training

New Meaning Training

One of our sister companies, New Meaning Training, run a number of alternative education centres, which operate as stand alone, self-sufficient, social enterprises.

Encouraging creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and cultivating passion.

The ethos aligns to the New Meaning Social Enterprise philosophy of helping people get where they want to be – earning their own living – or creating social enterprises along the way.

Our Partners

We are proud and honoured to be working with the following organisations
National Lottery Funded
European Union Social Fund
HM Government

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Great learning and inspiration for how we might help Churches with land support new SPACE Homes projects.

Suzie and John grateful to be attending the Cinnamon Incubator Residential course.

Day 11.. 3 new Space Homes:

Walls 80% done. Roofs started.

First week on "live build"...
Well done to Dom, Bradley x2, Lewis, Tyler, Callum...

Welcome new guys Charlie & Sunny.

"Perhaps, what herd immunity really means is our newfound capacity to render ourselves emotionally untouched by – immune to – mass loss of life".

Hello '22. New build week 2.

Floors complete, Fronts on ..

3 men down - get well soon Kieran, Ryan and Owen.

My work coach, John Evans, showed me how to recognise my strengths, to gain confidence and make positive choices and now I have a job here today with the Catering Company

Year 11 Student, Nightingale Academy “Beat NEET” course, 2014


I achieved things during the course of these workshops that I know I would not have done without them:

– Properly recognizing my strengths, weaknesses, transferable skills and encouraging me to seek validation of these from ex working colleagues and valued friends.

– Identifying hurdles to my gaining future work and how to overcome these with positive actions

– Creating a personal action plan that recognizes and sets targets as to how that is going to happen week by week into the future.

– They gave me and I know they gave others a positive confidence to keep trying, value what we have to offer and better represent ourselves to potential employers in the future.

– New Meaning and these sessions gave me time to reflect on my own situation and create new strategies for my future. The sessions also indicated to me that there are organisations out there that care and are able to deliver back to work training on behald of multi needing groups of people.

Thank you New Meaning

Senior Manager (recently redundant) Social Housing Sector

It’s boosted my confidence a hell of a lot, because there’s no way I’d have been able to sit in a group like this and talk like I am doing now. And like, if someone phones me up and says: What are you wanting to achieve? Well I say I’m getting there because I’ve had help from PALS

Linda Chilton
Spirita Resident
Founder of Village Community Drama Project & Village Drop-in Advice Centre

The employment involved working in the prototype engineering technical workshop.

Have sign confidential agreement with organisation.

I thank you for your support and the very excellent advice that help me get employment with this organisation.

Being an older man and out of work for some time, you gave me the confidence to apply for jobs and to perform at the interview.

Working with Initiative ESF Programme, Cambridge 2015

I achieved things during the course of these workshops that I know I would not have done without them:

– Properly recognizing my strengths, weaknesses, transferrable skills

– Identifying hurdles to my gaining future work and how to overcome these with positive actions

– They gave me and I know they gave others a positive confidence to keep trying, value what we have to offer and better represent ourselves to potential employers in the future

Thank you New Meaning

Senior Manager, Homeless Support Sector
Working with Initiative ESF Programme, Cambridge 2015

I nearly didn’t turn up, I though; ‘oh its not for me, it’s going to be rubbish’ but the very first session we had was really good. Really positive feedback and it sort of gave me a line where I wanted to go in life.

Fleur Dainty
Derby Homes Resident
Obtained employment with Derby Homes Customer Call Centre

The process came alive on day two and when we got the cross functional teams involved… I loved it… the way people have approach the discussions has been great.

Michael Reece
Aster Property Management

The course leaders have taken a group of men and women of varying age groups with different life styles and experiences, some of whom had very little self esteem. They showed them that they are able to express themselves in a constructive way, that their opinions and ideas are of value, and that they could take these forward into positive action.

Wyn Buchan
Derby Homes Resident

All these people share one thing; we have no future! These PALS sessions are giving us hope; great networking opportunities, inspiration and a philosophy.

Trevor Hibbert
Derwent Living Resident

Student Management Team must be commended and are excellent ambassadors for the school.

The energy, enthusiasm and momentum behind the business and community activities is plain for all the see.

DoE Visitor
Tess PAVE Mentor Project (Clacton)

The Community Engagement workshop provided a radically different approach to community engagement than typically has been used in the renewables sector to date. Seeking to find a genuine win-win for the community and the developer, it offers perhaps the most tangible route to build support for a development, and hence influence a planning committee and the chances of planning consent. David Lett was a great facilitator who was able to convey complex theories and processes easily and with humour.

Tom Charrier
Stephenson Halliday

The net result for our business was 90% reduction in staff turnover, significantly reducing our ongoing recruitment and training costs.

Neil Sharma
Group Finance Director, Rivinton Street Holdings plc

I have achieved my life’s dream now… thanks to PALS

Edwin Morley
Spirita Resident
Founder of St Anns Community Radio Station (his life’s dream)

One session showed you that you had more good points and skills than you ever thought you had and really made you think.

Derby Homes Focus Group

Helping our customers back into employment is transformational for them, makes business sense for us, and is positive for the wider community.

New Meaning has delivered outstanding results through “Work with Initiative”, in many cases succeeding where other provision has failed.

Their approach is different: it focuses on the individual, engenders confidence and self belief and, best of all, it works!

Caroline Titley
Bracknell Forest Homes