Mojo Space Bespoke Garden Studios

Mojo Space Bespoke Garden Studios – a space you can have for yourself to explore your interests. A place to practice meditation or yoga, a warm cosy workshop to get creative, or an office to grow your entrepreneurial talents.

From utility to luxury, we can build the space you need to find your mojo.

Proudly made in the UK

Makes a difference

Value for money

Energy efficient and built to last

Mojo Space

About Mojo Space Bespoke Garden Studios

These bespoke spaces give you room to do more things at home. Whilst they are sturdy and well-insulated wooden buildings built to a very high standard, these custom-built spaces also have the added benefit that your purchase is helping people who need a leg up with finding purposeful training to earn their own living.

Each studio is designed to meet your exact needs and built by a team that includes  people on our construction skills training programmes.

Choosing a studio from us means that trainees have a real-world project to work on whilst being supervised by our expert tutors. We work with you to find the best solution that fits your budget and purpose. By the time you’ve nailed down exactly what you’d like, you’ll be able to rest, assured that it won’t be long until a new, fit-for-purpose, long-lasting work or leisure space will be yours for years to come.

For some it may be a new home office to finally pack up working at the kitchen table, or for others it may be the need for a dedicated space for wellbeing or creativity. We also know of a  fair few parents who like the idea of creating a space, away from the house, to accommodate growing teenagers.

Whatever your need, we will work with you to bring your Mojo Space to life. We will happily put a quote together after we’ve had a chance to talk through what you want. Prices vary but we’ve seen that on average our quotes come out 25% lower than the average competitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get a quote?

Once we’ve talked to you on the phone we will assess whether it might be useful for a member of our team to pop along to meet you in person in your garden. Sometimes it’s possible to do a quote without visiting, but either way, we should be able to have a quote with you within 48 hours of assessing your needs.

I’m not certain about whether I want to go ahead with a garden studio. Will there be a hard sell if I ask for a quote?

There definitely won’t be a hard sell. We’ve don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ garden studios so we do need to talk to you to find out what your needs are. Right from the start we’ll check with you about how much contact you would prefer.

What’s the largest Garden Studio I can have?

It depends on the size of your garden. For larger buildings there may be some planning constraints and other considerations. We can talk this through with you. But there’s technically no limitation on what we can build for you.

Do you have a choice of windows and doors?

Yes, UPVc is the most common solution which is ideal for optimum insulation. You can choose whether you want a single door or French doors or a bi-fold. We can also offer wooden or aluminium doors and windows if you prefer. You choose.

Will I have a choice about the shape and covering for the roof?

Yes, we can create the shape and covering you want. The most common option is a single drop with long-lasting rubber EPDM or Fix R liquid roof (guaranteed for 15 years).

How warm will my Garden Studio be? Will it be expensive to heat?

We build passive houses and so we know a lot about how to optimise the thermal properties of your space. There will be options to increase the insulation if you wish to minimise the need for heating. We recognise how important this is, given the current issues with energy bills increasing. We can talk this through with you so that you can have a cosy space that meets your needs.

Does the studio come with a warranty?

Warranties will vary depending on the specification you ask request. Ask us about the warranty for your custom garden studio.

How long after I place an order will it take to receive my Garden Studio?
It depends on the size and where you’re planning to put this studio. It can be anything from 6 week to 12 weeks and in a few cases, longer if there are lead times for special materials required for your specification. We will make sure our quotes make clear how long we estimate your choice of building will take.
What happens if I get an insect infestation or if a storm damages the building?
Your garden studio will be designed to prevent an insect infestation from embedding itself in the walls or roof. In the unlikely event that a storm does damage any or part of the building we can easily put that right for you. While you will have to pay for this service the build system we use makes it easy to replace panels or even whole wall sections.
Can I have electricity and water in my garden studio?
Yes, this might require some additional time to quote as we will be finding an expert technician to oversee this part.
Does there need to be a base / foundations already in place?
No, this is one of the benefits of our bespoke build system. We can help with this and will ask you about this when we call. For example, you may already have an old shed building sitting in the location where you’d like to put the studio. We can work out what’s needed.
Can I live in it?
You might feel like you want to be in the space all the time, but sadly you would need planning permission for a building that is to be a dwelling for overnight stays. We can help with this if you are looking for an Annex / Airbnb solution, but technically it won’t be a Garden Studio. Happy to talk it through with you.
Can my Garden Studio be painted inside and out?
Yes, you will be given options about both the interior and exterior cladding materials and whether you want these painted or not.

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