Not 1 but 2 beautiful new luxuries for the conscious consumer


William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be beautiful or useful.” Picture buying something that is beautiful for your home. That would make a worthy purchase. Then picture buying a statement piece of furniture that is beautiful and useful. That would be a purchase that would really make your home feel special.  Now picture buying a truly unique handcrafted live edge table where the proceeds go to help people living in poverty and disadvantage. That really would be wonderful!

Well that idea will be becoming a reality in the very near future and this new conscious consumer choice comes just in time for Christmas! Soon there will be a brand new online Shop opening on a brand new website for the three New Meaning sister organisations. The new website will help New Meaning to tell the story about all of the work the group does.  For example, you were probably not aware that New Meaning Construction builds sustainable houses and provides work experience and employment for trainees coming through New Meaning Training’s programmes.  And did you know that the young people who come through their programmes might otherwise not have been in employment, education or training (NEET) because mainstream education just didn’t work out for them? That can be for a multitude of reasons, but the great thing is that New Meaning really does help to turn people’s lives around and helps to create meaning and purpose.

So, when the new website launches (we understand this will be by the end of the November) there will be a perfect place to showcase products made by the group.  The new online shop will launch with the Foundation’s Live Edge furniture and will also be providing a preview of the bespoke studios that are based on the SPACE homes we make for ex-homeless people. These buildings are called MOJO SPACE – a perfect name for a space you can have for yourself to explore your interests. A place to practice meditation or yoga or a warm cosy workshop to get creative, or an office to grow your entrepreneurial talents.

The great thing is that you can take a sneak peek of the live edge furniture collection via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we are very happy to take enquiries for both the furniture and our Mojo Space buildings right away. In fact, we’re ready to deliver the furniture and they really will make an incredible luxury gift that no-one else in the world will have. Whether you’re interested in the furniture or you’re looking to have MOJO SPACE in your garden, you can click on the button below and we can arrange to call you to discuss options at a convenient time.


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